Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit

Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit


Growing your own micogreens is easy, and fun!


In your kit you will find everything you need to grow 4 types of microgreens.  Included is a set of 4 Growing Trays, Organic Growing Medium (“soil”) in which to grow them and Organic Seeds.  We encourage you to save the trays so that you can grow more microgreens in the future. We are pretty sure you will want to keep growing them once you see how delicious and fresh they are when you can cut them live from your own windowsill.


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  • Seed Selection

    Choose four organic seed selections.  Choose four of the same, or mix and match.  We encourage variety!


    Rainbow Sprinkles (Beets & Chard) - Sweet, Earthy

    Spicy Macro Mix (Red & Green Mustards) - Sweet, Tangy, Sharp, Spicy

    Mild Macro Mix (Mizuna-Cabbage-Kale-Kohlrabi) - Mildly bitter, Peppery, Nutty, Rich

    We Got the Beet (Red Leaf Beet) - Sweet, Earthy

    You Look Rad-ish (Beet-Daikon) -  Peppery, Zesty, Spicy

    Sunnies (Sunflower) - Nutty

    Lady in Red (Amaranth)  -  Mild, Earthy

    Peas Out (Dun Peas) - Sweet, Pea Flavor

    Appease Me (Green Peas) - Sweet, Mild Pea Flavor


    *Check back for changing options