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Ready To Grow Nutritious Food?

In your kit you will find everything you need to grow 4 types of microgreens.  


Included in your kit is 

  • A set of 4 Growing Trays, in which to grow (5 if you purchased sunnies seeds. See Pro-Tip below..)

  • Organic Growing Medium (“soil”) in which to grow them

  • Organic Seeds

We encourage you to save the trays so that you can grow more microgreens in the future. We are pretty sure you will want to keep growing them once you see how delicious and fresh they are when you can cut them live from your own windowsill. Please feel free to contact us to order refills for the organic growing medium and for seeds.  We will try to have a selection of different micros for you to try out!

Some of your seeds should be soaked overnight before planting.  Sunflower seeds and peas should be rinsed in clean non-chlorinated water and then soaked for approx. 8-12 hours (Never more than 24).  Use a large container and plenty of water as they will expand quite a bit as they absorb water.  Give them another rinse just before planting.   

The other seeds in your kit do NOT require a soaking before planting.

Pre-moisten the growing medium before you fill the trays. Do this by adding a small amount of water and hand mixing it into the medium. You want it to be damp but not soaking wet, so that it just holds together when you gently press it into a ball in your hand.

Add ¼ of the medium to each tray and gently pat it down so that you have a very even and level surface for the seeds to sit on.  Try not to compact the medium any more than you need to.  For peas, leave just enough medium out to lightly cover the peas.

Each seed packet contains the correct amount of seeds for one growing tray. Simply scatter the seeds as evenly as possible over the growing medium. They will be fairly dense which is exactly what you want.  Do not cover them with soil, they will grow best if they are left on top of the medium.  At this point you can give them a gentle mist with water but be careful not to make the trays too wet or to wash the seeds out to the sides with the flow of water. You want the seeds to stay evenly spaced.

Set the trays on a plate or cookie tray etc to catch any water that comes through the bottom holes.
At this point you will need to cover the trays in order to give your microgreen seeds a Blackout Period so that they can sprout in darkness.  If you are not growing all of your trays at once it is quite easy to use a second tray on top of the seeds in a nesting fashion. Don’t worry about the upper tray touching the seeds….in fact the micros will grow even better if you put a weight on top of the top tray.  For example you could use a soup can or similar to press down on them.  It is quite amazing how much upwards pressure these little seeds can exert when they are sprouting.   You can also just use a cutting board or plate or anything really to cover the trays to provide darkness. 
For peas, put some weight on top of the peas for the first four days.  This helps to keep the seeds from raising above the soil line.  A flat rock or a small plate will work.  You still need to cover them with something to block light as well. 

Check on your trays each day to make sure they haven’t dried out too much and see if they are sprouting.  If planting day is considered Day 1, then they should be ready to be uncovered and put into light by about Day 4.  Choose a bright spot with as much direct light as possible, such as a sunny window sill.  If you happen to have grow lights then you can set them quite close to your sprouting micros.  They will look fairly weak and yellow when you first uncover them but you will begin to see the tiny plants greening up once they get into the light.  Give them a good water at this point as well but be careful not to keep them soaking wet all of the time. A small amount of water each day is the best approach and you will notice them wilting if they need more.  It is best to use a sprayer to water your microgreens.  This provides just enough water without over soaking them.  If after an hour of watering you still see standing water, you watered too much.  Gently tip and drain the extra water.

Pro-Tip:  On the day you uncover the sunflower shoots, water them and spray the tops and then cover the tray back up with an empty inverted tray to give them an extra day of dark and dampness.   This can help to loosen the hulls so that you can easily brush or slip them off the next morning when you fully uncover them.

Note: Many of the micro seeds grow little Root Hairs when they are sprouting and these can be easily confused with mold. These are a normal part of the growth and not to be worried about. *See images below

Most of the micros in your kit will be ready to start cutting by around Days 8-10.  If you keep them well watered (not too wet) the trays should last for a week or so as you cut what you need.  The exception to this is the Sunflowers.  Sunflower micros are at their optimal flavor and texture when they are in their Cotyledon (or Seed Leaf) stage. This means that the two first leaves that emerge from the seed are open but the next set of “true leaves” has not opened yet. When the true leaves grow, the shoots begin to get slightly bitter.  If you notice the true leaves emerging, then the best thing to do is to cut all of the sunnies and store them in a bag in your fridge where they should keep fresh for a good week or two.  For peas, you can wait until you start to see tendrils before you harvest.

All of the microgreens in this kit can also be harvested with a knife or scissors and stored in bags in the fridge if you prefer not to keep the trays growing once they have come to maturity.  


  1. Moisten growing medium

  2. Fill trays evenly

  3. Pre-soak Peas and Sunflowers but not the other types of seeds

  4. Scatter seeds on top of medium

  5. Cover trays to provide blackout period

  6. Check daily

  7. Uncover approx. Day 4, water and put under lights

  8. Water lightly approximately every day

  9. Harvest around Days 8-15 (Maturity will vary slightly)

  10. Don’t allow sunflower micros to grow to the True Leaf stage

  11. Store in bags in fridge after harvest if not eating immediately

  12. ENJOY!

in window.jpg



Trays filled with pre-moistened medium and pat down evenly

radish seeds.JPG

Seeds sprinkled evenly over the growing medium

*Only lightly cover peas

Root hairs.jpg

Example of root hair on sprouting seeds, this is perfectly normal ... it is not mold

inverted tray on sunnies.jpg

Pro-Tip: Cover sunnies with inverted tray for one additional day to loosen hulls, cover peas with weight.

sunnies just uncovered.jpg

Sunnies on day 4, just uncovered

Peas going into light.jpg

Pea shoots on day 4, just uncovered and ready to be under lights, or in a windowsill


sunnies ready to harvest.jpg




Pea shoots

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